STRUCTURE-GUARD an environmentally friendly product is applied to the skeletal structure of both commercial and residential structures during the framing stage to provide a physical barrier to block moisture penetration and forms a tough mold and mildew resistant coating for many years to come.  When applied to properly prepared wood, metal or masonry surfaces, STRUCTURE-GUARD is scientifically formulated to protect the surfaces and make them impervious to moisture penetration and resistant to mold, mildew and fungal staining. STRUCTURE-GUARD contains a yellow dye to make application easier.


  • Contains a special blend of preservatives which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the film surface. 
  • Has excellent water resistance.
  • Can be used over a variety of construction material surfaces such as bare wood, painted surfaces, wallboard, masonry, brick, tile, grout and metal.
  • Environmentally friendly, non-hazardous to apply and use.
  • Can be used for industrial, commercial, residential, hospital and school applications.

APPLICATION:  Mix well before using. Brush, roll or airless spray. Allow drying at least 2 hours before applying a latex topcoat. DO NOT APPLY AN OIL BASED PAINT OR STAIN. Do not apply when temperature is below 50 degrees F.

WARRANTY:  If not satisfied with this product when used according to label directions, additional product or refund of purchase price is the sole and exclusive remedy. Seller shall not be liable for cost of labor, direct and incidental damages resulting from the use of this product. X-M Industries, manufacturer of STRUCTURE-GUARD, offers a 25 year limited mold remendation warranty. 


Color:  yellow
Solids by volume:  33.18%
Weight / gallon:  8.45 lbs. / gal.
Viscosity:  45-50 k.u.
Dry time:  one hour to touch
Available in 5 gallon pails only.



Product Distributor for
X-M Industries, Inc.
Norcross, GA